A day to remember a sudden

Activate the Magic of Every Day! We are now living in a transitional time, in the beginning stage of the Dawning Sixth Sun, also called the Fifth World of Peace. It is essential that we recognize this new era is now only in its infancy stage.

A day to remember a sudden

Things happen that are unfair, unexpected, and incredibly painful. When we open our hearts and our homes to our four legged and three legged family members, our pets and animal companions, we hope for a full and healthy life for all of us.

Experiencing the death of a pet that is unexpected, sudden, or tragic can leave a profound impact on us as grieving animal lovers. Many times we can place unjust guilt and blame upon ourselves for the experience.

This article explores an overview in order to cope with this experience. Other times, as pets are biologically programmed to hide their pain, we discover a disease process too late and blame ourselves for not seeing it earlier.

Within the grief process, our brains are attempting to make sense of the experience. We are attempting to believe that things happen for a reason… even if that reason is to place blame on ourselves for not seeing something earlier. Some people naturally assume the worst; that their pet has died.

Others attempt to focus on the hope that their pet is with another loving family. We rarely get to know the truth of either situations, and a few lucky families are reunited with their lost pet. Guilt can make us punish ourselves and affects our ability to feel positive.

Throughout the grief process, especially when associated with having to make a sudden euthanasia decision, grieving pet owners place massive amounts of guilt upon themselves.

The important thing to remember is to allow ourselves to process through our emotion in a healthy way. It can be easy to cycle quickly out of control when our emotions are placing more and more pressure upon ourselves.

We can easily feel completely burdened, overwhelmed, and unable to meet our daily needs throughout our grief process. We avoid experiences, people, or places that might impact that negative cycle or distract us from it. Would they want for your happiness regardless of what happened?

I would so say, without hesitation. Individuals can barely focus on daily activities and tasks, let alone meeting basic needs and maintaining relationships.

A day to remember a sudden

We are stuck in a ruminative, or repeating, cycle that burdens us further and further into our grief experience and the associated pain. Please remember it is completely normal in the natural process of grief to experience many of these symptoms in the beginning, especially when it comes to experiencing or walking into the sudden death of your pet.

We can lose our appetiteisolate ourselves, and cry uncontrollably. Throughout the grief process it is important to experience healthy distractions, even while actively grieving.

A healthy distraction could be as simple as a walk through the park, making sure to notice the flowers blooming. It may be a close, understanding friend taking us out for coffee and laughing about something small, even for a brief moment. These distractions are all very positive and allow us for a moment of respite from our burdening experience of grief.

Grieving is hard work and very taxing on the body, but it is also crucial to experience. In the face of unexpected grief and death, it is all-consuming and very real, especially when it comes to the death of our pet.

It can be too hard to ask for even a day at a time, as a day can seem endless when we are in the midst of our grief. Remember that in this moment and with every emotion our body is processing through its grief.

There are online communities and support in the least likely of places. Adam focuses his work on the psychology behind the human-animal bond, specializing in endings and transitions.

He is passionate about reducing the cultural stigma associated with pet loss, supporting pet owners, and educating veterinary professionals.Jun 06,  · Sudden Strike Offshore Adventures: What a day to remember!

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