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Best experience

From Dawn till After Dark: At dawn the views are even more mesmerising. As the sun rises, the sky is washed with crimson, creating a dramatic backdrop Best experience the m-high turrets, stark buttes and brooding mesas. Marvel at otherworldly Cappadocia, Turkey Cappadocia is quite simply one of Best experience most bizarre places on earth.

And at first light it feel even more unreal.


As the sun rises this vast, lunar landscape is slowly unveiled against a crimson-stained sky — best viewed from a hot-air balloon. Accompanied by a mesmerising call to prayer, hot-air balloons sweep over Cappadocia's plunging canyons, high plateaus and underground dwellings.

But arriving there before the hoards of tourists is well worth the effort. Only accessed through ancient castle walls, the village squeezes along a narrow promontory out into the waters. Rent a boat and explore the lake yourself — a small island with a lone palace atop is within easy reach.

Here ancient mahogany trees stretch 50m skyward, sheltering a rich variety of wildlife that ranges from lumbering tapir to ocelots, and colourful birds of paradise to jaguars. This expanse of tropical rainforest, swamp and savannah stretches into southern Mexico and across the Maya Mountains to Belize, and huge tracts remain virtually untouched.

But for the best foodie shopping, head to Borough Market, which is tucked under the railway arches between Borough High Street and Southwark Cathedral.

Try the life aquatic in the Red Sea, Egypt Once a sleepy fishing village, over the last 25 years Hurghada has become a tourist destination. And it was diving — some of the best in Egypt — that put it on the map.

Best experience

Coral islands and reefs are only a few hours away by boat, while a clutch of further-flung sites can be visited on dive safaris and live-aboards. Seemingly sprinkled across a vast area of countryside, the temples were once at the centre of villages, towns and cities.

Time has taken its toll; the surrounding houses and buildings have vanished and many of the monuments themselves have been smothered by the ever-encroaching jungle.

Conquer the majestic Pamirs on foot, Tajikistan Standing at a skyscraping crossroads — the Himalaya, Karakorum, Hindu Kush and Tien Shan ranges meet here — the magnificent Pamirs remain one of the most unexplored places on the planet.

NASCAR Racing Experience- the true NASCAR Driving Experience

The unique landscape gives awesome opportunities for hiking and climbing, and visitors can even try camping with nomads or bareback riding.

Ski from the sky in British Columbia, Canada Daring but pricy, heliskiing is endlessly exhilarating. The nets are said to have been introduced to the Malabar region by traders from the court of Kublai Khan.

Once the season starts, fishing boats are gunwhale to gunwhale, vying to be the first to get their nets in the water. With rugged rocks below and an almost flat landscape above, the Grand Canyon is like a mountain range turned on its head.

Pilgrims throng Kyaiktiyo both day and night, but activity is greatest early in the morning and at dusk, with people praying, lighting candles and making offerings.

As the world goes to sleep, the heart of Marrakesh is only just getting started. There's a tantalising range of food and drink on offer, with everything from freshly squeezed orange juice, couscous and tajine to sheep's head and stewed snails.

Give yourself a week or two for the best chance of seeing them; pitch a tent, bring a sturdy tripod and keep your fingers crossed inside a good pair of mittens for cloudless skies.Where: Best place to experience this is Kolkata in West Bengal.

Dussehra. 19th October 8th October Dussehra is celebrated for the God Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana, which is a symbol of victory of good over evil. According to Ramayana, the demon king Ravana kidnapped the wife of Rama to Lanka.

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Best experience

When deciding on the best sexual experience of your life there are, of course, a ton of factors to consider. Obviously things like location come into play. Obviously things like location come into.


Actually achieving 'the best customer experience', however, is much easier said than done. In order to fully comprehend and manage customer experience, it helps to have a complete understanding of your customer, and to fully evaluate your customer cycle (sales funnel), both online and offline.

3 Best Practices to Improve the Healthcare Patient Experience