Credit repair company business plan

ZENDRO Credit Repair Services will operate from a central location at the heart of the financial business district; with plans to open other branches, both locally and internationally in the nearest future. Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc. At Zendro, quality and timely execution of briefs shall be our guiding principles, spear-headed by professional and courteous staff with the expertise and skill-set to deliver and exceed the expectations of our customers on a regular basis. We plan to strictly enforce the highest codes of ethical behavior in our work environment and we shall create a conducive environment for staff and customer alike; so that our methods and structures are sustainable and humane, as we all strive to live and earn a living in the world.

Credit repair company business plan

Or you need a sample credit repair agency business plan template?

A Sample Credit Repair Business Plan Template

If YES, then i advice you read on. In a world where houses are bought on mortgage, cars are bought on hire purchase, clothes are paid for with credit cards, electricity and phone bills are outstanding and the debts keep piling up with no reasonable hopes of ever coming down, people have no choice but to run to credit repair agencies for succor.

Bad credit is ……. When you have a bad credit report, it feels like the whole financial world is against you. Life becomes much more difficult and the following things begin to happen to you-: You find it difficult to get loans anywhere.

One of the criteria used for evaluating loan applications is your credit report and if the credit report be destroyed, what can the bankers do? Say no to your loan request I guess.

Credit RepairCredit Repair - Business Plan #

You would be close to homeless because you would find it extremely difficult to get a mortgage. Utility companies would ask you for security deposits to do business with you and you may as well just get a prepaid phone because you may not be able to get a cellphone on contract purchase basis like everyone else.

Now, this one is very terrible and rather unfair but so is life- you may not even get a good job or be allowed to run some kinds of businesses because of your bad credit status. Are you expected to run around town in a bicycle too? Because even car sales companies would frown at offering you credit options for buying a vehicle and even when they do, they would slam you with ridiculous interest rates which would further affect your credit status.

So, you see why people with bad credit run to credit repair companies for help? A credit repair company would do the following-: Inquire if the proper verification procedure was followed by the credit bureaus and obtain records and proofs of your debts from the original creditor and if they cannot provide it, dispute the claims.

Help clients negotiate better interest rates. Help to negotiate better payment plans to fit into your budget.

credit repair company business plan

However, credit repair agencies cannot guarantee any results whatsoever and a credit repair company cannot help you to make timely payments of your debts which is what counts for a good score in the first place.

To start your own credit repair businessthis is what you would need to do: You must first take time to study how the business works. You can start with your own credit report or those of your friends. Obtain a free copy of your credit report or those of your friends and acquaintances and try to repair it.

When you have successfully done one, two or three repairs, you would understand the business better and be able to handle clients. You can then proceed to prepare a credit repair business plan.

You should also register your business name and then obtain necessary licenses and permits.A good credit repair company will first pull your credit reports from each of the three major credit reporting agencies to pinpoint your credit issues. Why all three? Why all three?

Because each credit reporting agency has its own “data furnishers” (aka lenders, credit card companies, debt collectors, etc.), who report your credit. - Free Credit Repair Service Business Plan

Our credit repair services help to fix your credit report. Call for a free consultation today. “A good credit repair company will scrub questionable credit report items against other laws — like the Fair Credit Billing Act, which regulates original creditors; the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which oversees collection agencies; and others that address medical illness, military service, student status and other life events.

Yes I have successfully used a credit repair company named Reliant Credit Repair. They didnt just offer credit repair services they do so much more than wiping your credit slate clean. AND BUSINESS FUNDING. they also do business credit and personal credit packages. Their lowest plan is their economy plan starting at just !!

Are you looking for a credit repair service business plan template? Here is a sample business plan for a credit repair company and free feasibility report. I. However, credit repair agencies cannot guarantee any results whatsoever and a credit repair company cannot help you to make timely payments of your debts which is .

Credit RepairCredit Repair - Business Plan #