Essay about h1n1 virus

How does the new H1N1 swine virus infect humans compared to the common influenza virus? In the 20th century, there are 3 influenza viruses which caused major pandemics: All three aforementioned pandemics were caused by viruses containing human adapted PB2 genes.

Essay about h1n1 virus

Throughout the recent decade, newspapers and websites around Europe and the U.

Swine flu: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Let us take a look at what it is exactly. The Zika virus is an endemic microorganism in Africa and Asia; it is related to a group of viruses named flaviviruses and is connected to the dengue virus.

Essay about h1n1 virus

The Zika virus is usually transmitted by mosquitoes; initially, it was retrieved from monkeys and Aedes africanus mosquitoes inhabiting the Zika forest in Uganda in ; in humans, this virus was first discovered in in Nigeria. As a rule, adults deal with the disease easily; however, there is a not-so obvious danger: Transmitting the virus to an unborn baby may have dramatic consequences: Currently, there is no cure for the Zika virus.

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The best way to deal with it is to have a lot of rest, drink water and tea to prevent dehydration, and take acetaminophen or other pain-relieving medicines mind, however, that aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen are not recommended to use in case of a Zika virus infection.

As a general precaution measure, avoid mosquito bites while sick, and make sure to not pass the virus to people around you CDC. The Zika virus is not a new disease: However, the panic around it has begun only in It is mostly characterized by mild fever, weakness, pain in muscles, and conjunctivitis; the symptoms last up to 7 days, but only one out of four infected develops any of them.

However, the main danger of the Zika virus lies in the effects in has on pregnant women and their babies: Considering this, the Zika virus demands strong attention from healthcare organizations.

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Why be concerned about the report? get the required assistance on the website. H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) – Report Background Novel H1N1 is a new influenza respiratory virus causing illness in people and is thought to be a mutation of four known strains of the Influenza A virus.

Essay about h1n1 virus

The Ebola virus (EBOV) - CME also is a minor pathway for EBOV. 18, 20 As GP is the only surface protein of it mediates the attachment and fussion of the viron to the host cell. How the Flu Virus Can Change: “Drift” and “Shift” Such a “shift” occurred in the spring of , when an H1N1 virus with a new combination of genes emerged to infect people and quickly spread, causing a pandemic.

When shift happens, most people have little or no protection against the new virus.

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