Generative writing and drafting are similar in which way can you move

In addition to introducing a mindset that will help you improve your approach to studies, this workshop will offer you strategies for gaining control over how you use your time for managing long-term projects while still getting your daily work done, and for avoiding procrastination and perfectionism. Some of our time together will be devoted to planning your individual weekly schedule and routines, as well as mapping out of your semester as a whole.

Generative writing and drafting are similar in which way can you move

In this tutorial I will only create a shape from my imagination without a proper dimension. Here's where I'll start: Select the zx-plane and start the Sketcher workbench.

Draw something like I draw in the 1st picture. After finishing creating the Sketch. Then select the x-axis as the rotation axis. Now I want to create a drill hole at the center of the hub. Press OK when you satisfied with the hole.

Create a new plane using the xy-plane as reference. After done creating the new plane. Select the plane and click on the Sketcher tool.

We are going to make a new sketch on this plane. I just made up the shapes as shown in the next picture.

generative writing and drafting are similar in which way can you move

When you exit the Sketcher workbench it will look like this: Mine look like shown in the next picture: Now in the Surfaces toolbar, select the Multi-Sections Surface tool.

Select all the profiles you have just created. Don't worry about that. Create the profiles properly next time. Press OK when done. Click the Fill tool on the Surfaces toolbar.

Set the Fill Continuity as Tangent. To make things easier, hide everything except those we created in the Part Design Workbench and the Join. Then select the Join. The Close Surface and Join. Next hide the Join. Today I'm trying to model a simple universal joint and I hope everything will work fine as intended.

The first step is to enter the Assembly Design Workbench and create a new product. Rename the product from Product1 to Universal Joint. Rename the new part as Shaft. By double-clicking on the new part name you'll be redirected to the Part Design Workbench to model the first part.

In the Sketcher Workbench, create something as shown the the figure below: Then elongate the part with a 40mm diameter cylindrical shaft of about mm length.

Then some make-ups with fillets will make the part look a little nicer. Create a 10mm diameter hole to insert the connector to the shaft as shown in the figure. Finish the part with more fillets.

Similar to the first step, insert a new part to the product and rename it as Connector or anything else as you like. Create a T-cross with 10mm diameter to fit the hole of the shaft and 80mm length.

Use the Manipulation tool to move the part to a proper location. Assemble the Shaft parts with the Connector part using the Coincidence Constraints. The Shafts and Connectors are rotating parts therefore we need a fixed part to anchor the shafts. Create another part to be a base for the shafts to rotate.Advanced Drafting Libre; The way that you can set and manipulate dimensions depends on the options that you have checked in the Tools Options Drafting panel.

1 For example, you can move the dimension value even if you have selected the Snap by default option. According to Yancey, written reflections benefit students by helping them remember details of how they completed an assignment, as a generative process to create meaning for future writing, and as a way to develop authority and expertise (Yancey ).

This writing- remembering moved us to think our way through the conditions of possibility for collabora- tion, as Deleuze (, p.

) captures, “a spark can flash and break out of language it- 9 self, to make us see and think what was lying in the shadow around the words, things we were hardly aware existed.”. What tool on the Ribbon would you choose if you wanted to add an outside border to a table, at one time?

The Border painter in the Design Tab for the table. What option would you choose to move a selected object to the last layer? The difference in Solid Edge is that you can change the PMI (product manufacturing information – dimensions on the 3D model) much more easily than you can change it in SW.

So you can have bi-directional editable dimensions on the drawing in SE if you wanted to. If you continue to use the site without changing your cookie settings, we assume you are fine with our cookies and the way we use them. you can change your computer’s settings so that it does not accept cookies.

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generative writing and drafting are similar in which way can you move

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