Girl interrupted vs the yellow wallpaper

Her friend Mika is placed in the same class but goes missing prior to the first day of school.

Girl interrupted vs the yellow wallpaper

Get Access Girl Interrupted vs. Be it therapist or physicians who either aided in their mental deformities or created them. They are similar in the sense that they are both restricted to confinement and must endure life under the watchful eye of overseers.

However similar their situations may be, their responses are different. In the stories, there were both positive and negative aspects and characteristics that the two protagonists possessed.

Both women were thought insane and although they may not have been originally, being locked up made other characters question their sanity.

The therapist makes a couple of phone calls, puts Kaysen in a cab and sends her off to the psychiatric ward at McLean Hospital. Instead she willingly accepted the fact that she was tired and to go then rather than on Friday to the hospital.

This passiveness is a dominant characteristic of Kaysen throughout the rest of the story.

Girl interrupted vs the yellow wallpaper

But I view the trait as both a positive and a negative one. It seems like it would be a positive because Kaysen allowed herself to enjoy her time in the hospital.

She made an effort to make the best of the situation. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

I was glad to be riding in a taxi instead of having to wait for the train. But I feel Gilman is passive for different reasons than Kaysen. She does rebel at times but for the majority of the book, she remains compliant. Gilman is passive in this sense but aggressive as well because she acts on her own beliefs.

But in spite of them, she writes anyway making sure not to be seen. She is unable to leave without permission or write ever.

In this aspect, I feel that being passive aggressive is a positive characteristic because it allows Gilman to fool her husband into believing she is improving.

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However it is a negative because unlike Kaysen, she acts on her impulses without thinking them through. For instance, when she starts to notice the figures behind the wallpaper taking form, she starts to peel off the wallpaper. Although she says she is trying to rescue the girl stuck behind the dreaded colored paper, this act does not show her husband she is not crazy.

A common issue within the stories is the physicians. Although both ladies are not crazy at the time of their diagnosis, by the end of the stories, readers question their sanity. Although the stories take place during two different time periods, the doctors seem to have a similar notion on how women of the time should act in social situations.

But what eighteen year old is? In another report, they go as far as to criticize her wardrobe.

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Once of the examiners views Kaysen as sort of a plain Jane and sees that as an issue. Gilman never seemed ill so much as tired but by the end of the story she was insane! Gilman is so intent of keeping up appearances which is why I think she does what her husband and brother prescribe.

Anything else was unheard of!

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By the end of both stories, the women had changed. Kaysen for the better and Gilman, I feel changed for the worse. She meets a very wealthy bachelor and they date.

I feel she had the more positive ending of the two stories. She did not have such a positive outcome.Let us write or edit the book report/review on your topic "Girl Interrupted and The Yellow Wallpaper" with a personal 20% discount. Girl Interrupted vs. The Yellow Wallpaper - The main character in Susanna Kaysen’s, “Girl, Interrupted” and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper” are similar in the fact that they both were suppressed by male dominants.

Be it therapist or physicians who . Wallpaper and background photos of Girl Interrupted- quotes for fans of Girl, Interrupted images.

Girl, Interrupted (The only Jolie movie I enjoyed.

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- Take one fucking step, and I'll jam this in my aorta. Sep 03,  · Close Reading-Girl Interrupted vs. The Yellow Wallpaper There is an innumerable amount of connections between the short story The Yellow Wallpaper and the indie film Girl, Interrupted. S11 E1 Changing of the Guard With winter bearing down on the Arctic, Alaskans race to prepare themselves and their homesteads before the freeze overtakes the land.

Girl interrupted vs the yellow wallpaper

Nov 23,  · Originally I was going to use 'Girl, Interrupted' or 'The Virgin Suicides' but I've decided I would like a better established and less modern piece of literature.

So, I'm currently considering Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf or The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Resolved.

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