Northern renaissance vs italian renaissance essay

Prior to the first irruption of what developed into French, and European, revolutionary unrest after the political shape of the Italian peninsula derived in large part from the influence of Papal diplomacy over the previous millennium where the Popes had tended to strongly support the existence of a number of small states in the north of the peninsula such that no strong power might presume to try to overshadow the papacy. Such political decentralisation may have facilitated the emergence of a number of mercantile city states such as the Florence of the Medicis and the Milan of the Sforzas and to have allowed a scenario where ambitious men such as Cesare Borgia could attempt to establish themselves as rulers of territories won by statecraft and the sword. The burgeoning wealth of these city states, despite much political turmoil, helped to fund that re-birth of classical learning and of artistic expression that is known as the Renaissance. As time passed some of these mercantile states became reconstituted as Duchies and Grand Duchies.

Northern renaissance vs italian renaissance essay

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It came from those who thought of the Middle Ages as a dark time from which the human spirit had to be awakened. The Renaissance marked a new era in thought and feeling, by which Europe and its institutions were to be transformed in the long run. The revelations that occurred in Italy influenced other countries for at least years.

Outside of Italy the Renaissance was more a blend of the old and the new with religion being the most important factor.

The Italian and northern Renaissance s, although both being advancements in style and beliefs, had many faces and events that were different. Humanism is defined as a literary movement that occurred during the Renaissance.

Although it was understood to be the same thing throughout Europe, the Italians and the northerners conceived it differently. The Christian humanism of the north is easily distinguished with the pagan humanism of Italy.

In the north, humanists studied the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible and read the Church Fathers so that they could further understand Christianity and restore its moral vitality. They generally regarded universities as centers of pedantic, monkish, and scholastic learning.

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These universities gave little interest to experimental science or even literary studies. The Italian humanists wrote in Latin, but often complained that it had become monkish, scholasticand in some ways useless.

The schools in Italy preferred the more classical style of Cicero or Livy. Francesco Petrarca, or Petracrch, is known as the first man of letters. He criticized both the law and the clergy relentlessly.

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Lorenzo Valla became one of the founders for textual criticism and of his many accomplishments he proved the Donation of Constantine a forgery. The most important element of the northern Renaissance was religion.

In Italy the religious sense, if not gone completely, was passed into a cult in which God was glorified by works of art. In the north it took on a more mystical and more of a moral tone.

The essence of mysticism lay in the belief or in some cases the experience that the individual soul could commune directly with god. In this he explained how a man might take part in the affairs of the world while remaining a devout Christian.

The Erasmian virtues are tolerance, restraint, peacefulness, scholarly understanding, and to research before you follow someone in their beliefs.

Albrecht Dürer: Art, Life, and Times

This is what led to Martin Luther s beliefs and eventually the Protestant Reformation.Albrecht Dürer: The Genius with a Great Soul. Albrecht Dürer was not only the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance, but also a unique personality, his genius coexisting with a pure, noble character.

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Northern renaissance vs italian renaissance essay

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Essay about Italian and Northern European Renaissance Words | 4 Pages. Italian and Northern European Renaissance The Italian and Northern Europe Renaissances were both an important mark in history by changing the ideals of life, thought, culture, and art of the people’s of this time.

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