Ritz carlton hotel essay

This helps with the process of the company to develop to their standards. Company Profile The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is an administration organization which works Hotels and resorts in twenty three nations worldwide and seventy lands in all the real urban communities.

Ritz carlton hotel essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? By overcoming the challenges of being one of the top ranking hotels in the world and hiring the right people to do so, the success of your marketing startegy would be inevitable.

In this way Ritz- Carlton could potentially increase its sales and and expand in different countries.

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Ranked as the best luxury hotel chain in America out of thousands others, for the past years it still provides the same exceptional standard of quality, comfort and fittings Power, The essence of the Ritz Carlton experience lies in the quality of the service provided by the company which is also the intangible product the company is selling.

The manager makes sure that the service is tailored to the individual and is earnest and helpful. Every guest and employee is treated with respect and the general managers pay special attention to every visitor from the moment of airport picking until the moment the visitor leaves the hotel.

Moreover, the company also recognize the technology as a key to a high service level. It is something that the customer expects to receive when stays at a five- star hotel.

In order for Ritz-Carlton to be a leader in what it is selling, the company has realized the need for continuous improvement of its core competences by placing total quality management TQM as a central point in their strategy implementation.

It has to concentrate on hiring the right people who enjoy looking after other people, and provide a pleasant environment for them to work in. Moreover, the hotel-chain improves its weak areas based on the feedback it receives from evaluators when applying for awards.

This rise some challenges for the hotel manager, such as the ability to close the other four gaps called provider gaps.

Ritz carlton hotel essay

In order to overcome this challenge a more direct contact with the guests of the hotel is needed. In particular, establishing strong and long- term relationships with regular customers and satisfying their needs in every moment.

To succeed in this, interviews and surveys could be conducted among the customers to establish their requirements and expectations. Afterwards, building a system with all of their responses would contribute to stay closer to them.

Therefore, to conduct all the relevant information, the empowered and front line people play an important role. In the hospitality management, the communication between the manager and his employees plays and important role to avoid establishing a gap.

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As a second provider gap is considered not selecting the right service quality designs and standards. The new plan should be focused on customer driven design and together with it meeting the employees needs.

The third gap is not delivering service designs and standards. As being developed in the second stage of the customer gap system, now the firm has to succeed in delivering the new way of serving its guests.

The employees should be selected effectively to complete their obligations. They should have the right characteristics to complete the job.

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Conflicts on the workplace should be avoided as well as the inability of team work. Moreover, appropriate systems and facilities should be developed and provided, to follow if all the factors for achieving the high standard level of service are in place. The last but not the least provider gap is not matching performance to promises.

The marketing advertisement plays an important role in this stage. By creating an advertisement with promotion of over- promising services, the customer expectations also increase and it is difficult to meet the standards you cannot provide. This interactive marketing strategy might be created together with external companies to communicate effectively with current and potential customers Wilson, To create the same policy in every of the Ritz- Carlton hotels, the top manager has to follow the same policy and stick to the same standards in order to create a successful business chain.

This will result in customer loyalty concerning every hotel location and will build a better reputation for the company. Therefore, to create a uniquness in its services, the famous luxury hotels are known as the ones who treats its guests as royalties Michelli, By creating a data with all the customers perceptions, Ritz- Carlton wins a high reputation among its competitors.

However, in order to collect this data and proceed it in a right way, the company relies on its employees who are the one next to the people and contributing to their memorable experience. The reason for being one of the most successful chains is that Ritz- Carlton look for things that most companies ignore and then uses its findings in a unique way to attract more people.

In the case example of the family in Bali, the impact it has on the work performance is really significant and the easiest way to reach all thousands of employees all around the world.The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Essay Sample Service and the essence of The Ritz-Carlton experience, and what Ritz-Carlton sells to its customers The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has always relied on excellent personalized service, or the total quality management (TQM) philosophy of the organization.

Ritz-Carlton case study (50 points): This case study will require that students outline the processes, systems, and human resource strategies commonly utilized within the industry to ensure that high quality customer experiences are consistently delivered to hotel guests. Ritz-Carlton is committed to treating its guests like royalty.

It has very different corporate cultures in the hotel and lodging industry, and employees are referred to as “our ladies and gentleman. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is a management company which operates hotels and resorts in twenty three countries worldwide and seventy properties in all the major cities.

The brand is a subsidiary of Marriot International with the headquarters located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The Ritz- Carlton Hotel depicts a culture strongly based on master servant relationship where employees are expected to strictly follow the established code of conduct for the hotels.

While expounding on Harrison-Handy model, Laurie (, p. Introduction: This assignment gives the full research of Total Quality Management for Ritz Carlton with company profile, HR deals with TQM, ISO Certificates, and Auditing, and how it deals with the process.

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