The joys of home

The Island of Oahu After leaving Maui, our ship made it's way during the night to the island of Oahu. We were docked in the port at Honolulu. What a surprise we had in store for us!

The joys of home

In Search of Joy I've been thinking a lot the last few weeks about what brings me joy. I could relate to what a friend wrote to me in a letter this week. This summer my happiness meter has jerked up and down like an oil well.

I feel happy when Ed has enough energy to play a game with the children the children are helpful and well behaved my laundry is flapping on the sunshine we enjoy a yummy meal of fresh garden produce a bouquet of cheery zinnias sits on a clean kitchen counter we get a lovely rainfall at exactly the right time I feel sad when I think God delights in giving us gifts like zinnias and a sun-ripened tomato and I want to find joy in these simple pleasures.

He was known as an expensive painter who captured high society, but a rare exhibition of Gainsborough’s works at the National Portrait Gallery reveals a poignant story of parental love. Nov 03,  · The Joys of Home Ownership* *Today's guest editor is being played by Beverly. We arrived in Florida to check out Lisa's father's house and it faired pretty well after the hurricane. The Joys of Working From Home April 20, April 20, Earlier today, during a spontaneous mid-morning break from my work, I found myself questioning whether or not, after several years of working almost exclusively from home as a freelance translator and researcher, I could go back to working in the ‘real world’ of offices, and.

When God answers our prayers, I want to rejoice. But these things can't be the source of my joy.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen

We are nearing the fifteenth month since Ed's GBM brain cancer diagnosis. Ed fights fatigue but still works and enjoys spending time with the children as much as possible. But saying that "it could be worse" is a small comfort when I wish my husband was cancer free. It makes me mad that I can't plan next weekend or next month because all plans depend on how Ed feels.

Counting blessing, though a valuable exercise, can't always salvage broken dreams. Even Jesus wept with his friends so I don't think we have to force a smile on our face when our hearts ache.

My joy cannot be dependent upon circumstances. Ed has had such firm faith throughout this past year that all will be well. He has confidence that in life or in death, God is with us and we have nothing to fear. I've been reading slowly through Isaiah and love the prophecies of Christ such as Isaiah This week Ed had another MRI which showed significant tumor growth in the last month.

Aggressive GBM like Ed's can double in a week or two, but even knowing that fact doesn't make these scans any easier to prepare for. He starts August 1 and will have 14 treatments. Please pray that the treatments will go well and that he will not have severe side effects.

Pray that our faith in God will stay strong, and we will find joy in Him. I'd love to hear about the little gifts of God that are bringing you joy today as well as what brings you deep unfailing joy in hard times.Breathing Exercises To Enhance Your Hiking Experience If you are new to hiking, you may find you are more out of breath than your friends.

Years later, you may find that you are still experiencing heavy breathing when you go hiking. meet the author. Hey there, I’m Dollie, a ’40 something’ who is stuck in the honeymoon stage of marriage, the thrills of home making, and the joys of homeschool but only when my heart is in the right place.

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The joys of home

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