Tula na may 4 na saknong at 4 na taludtod sa english

Respiratory and circulatory systems- Parts, Function and Diseases. The Respiratory System This system brings air into the body, and facilitates gas exchange. Respiratory diseases can be classified into 4 areas:

Tula na may 4 na saknong at 4 na taludtod sa english

It is thus not difficult to sympathize with all who feel a sense of loss at the passing of Foreign Affairs Secretary Blas Ople two days ago.

But sympathy for those he left behind should not mean being deluded into believing the lavish tributes heaped upon him by many of our government officials as well as not a few personalities in the corporate media. The grief that his passing has caused his bereaved family and friends should not prevent the Filipino nation from confronting the truth about the man, for as the Good Book says, "The truth shall set you free.

In the same report it quoted House Speaker Jose de Venecia as saying that Ople was "one of the great foreign ministers of Asia and one of the four greatest secretaries of the Philippines," and ranking him with Apolinario Mabini, Carlos P.

Romulo, and Raul Manglapus. Speaker, it is the height of historical inaccuracy--at the very least--to mention Mabini in the same breath as the Romulos, Manglapuses, and Oples of this land.

The Sublime Paralytic was a paralytic only because he had the misfortune of contracting a crippling disease. But, as the F. Sionil Jose novel Po-on tells its readers, Mabini was certainly not a cripple in heart and mind.

He had the sound judgment to know the value--both moral and practical--of independence, and the iron will to assert it at whatever cost. Thus he stubbornly refused to compromise the Filipino people's struggle for national liberation, which US imperialism had begun to usurp in his time, and continually defied American colonial authority come prison or exile.

Not even the tempting offers of a position in the American colonial government could bend the man. In contrast the Romulos, Manglapuses, and Oples would distinguish themselves for their enthusiasm in vouching for US foreign policy interests over the welfare of the Philippines.

Romulo was an unquestioning supporter of the US-led Cold War, which the Philippines had nothing to do with and from which it never benefited in any manner. Manglapus was one of the most ardent advocates of American military presence in the Philippines.

This, despite the fact that, as the very Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms of the US Department of Defense itself admits, "A base is a locality from which operations are projected or supported," meaning that hosting a foreign military base subverts a country's sovereignty as doing so automatically integrates it into a foreign defense network and inevitably involves it in military campaigns it may have no part in to begin with.

Manglapus turned a blind eye to the toxic waste left behind by the former US military bases in Olongapo and Angeles, as well as the numerous victims of American military atrocities--which the US has yet to face justice for.

Ople, in similar fashion, sponsored as a senator in the Visiting Forces Agreement VFAwhich paved the way for a return of US military presence in the Philippines, after the bases pull-out inand grants visiting US servicemen extraterritorial and extrajudicial "rights.

These severely endangered the peace talks aiming to end the armed conflict between the government and these groups, whose causes are acknowledged by no less than the United Nations--as well as respected leaders like former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark, Philippine Vice President Teofisto Guingona, Jr.

By these Ople showed that in his book, "alliance" with the US was more important than a just peace in our country. It is impossible to forget Ople's support for the US war on "terror," which has been proven baseless in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This war which has claimed countless innocent lives has not yielded any trace of terorrist Osama bin Laden who was supposedly being coddled by Afghanistan, nor has it any weapon of mass destruction to show for all the havoc it has wrought in Iraq.

Afghanistan and Iraq are both oil-rich countries whose dictatorial former governments had a falling-out with the US which initially supported them over economic policy issues. While fiercely vouching for US foreign policy interests, Ople was never known to stand up for the welfare of abused Filipino migrants.

As a senator inOple supported the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, which paved the way for the entry of the Philippines into the World Trade Organization WTO and opened up the Philippine economy to "competition" with highly developed countries, in particular the US, without being allowed to develop--which, in the words of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, and Anakpawis chair Rafael Mariano, "is like a boxing bout between Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao.

Also, what used to be a marginal agricultural trade surplus before has since been transformed into a glaring agricultural trade deficit. Ramos, who used to be one of its leading proponents, has criticized globalization for failing to live up to its promises--something which Ople never acknowledged to his last breath.

The only consolation is that De Venecia did not rank Ople with the nationalist old guard: Recto, Lorenzo Tanada, and Jose W. Likewise Ople cannot be credited with advancing labor rights. In fact the Labor Code which he sponsored as Marcos' labor minister violated union rights by prohibiting strikes in "vital industries," imposing a one-industry-one-union policy, and treating unfair labor practices as merely administrative rather than criminal offenses.4.

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modern English short story SAMUEL LANGHORNE CLEMENS – Mark Twain PATULA - may sukat,pantig,tugma,taludtod,saknong A. TULANG PASALAYSAY - mahahalagang tago o pangyayari sa buhay.

a. EPIKO – kabayanihan sa kababalaghan IBA PANG TAYUTAY NA GAMIT SA TULA: ALITERASYON – unang titik o pantig ay pare-pareho.

tula tungkol sa kapaligiran na may 3 saknong at apat na stanza. tula na may apat na taludtod at apat na stanza. salawikain translate english to filipino 1 poem 3 stanza. datsun stanza station wagon manual. 6 stanza na talumpati.

poems with five stanzas.

Tula na may 4 na saknong at 4 na taludtod sa english

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