Writing a dbq powerpoint download

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Writing a dbq powerpoint download

DBQs are document-based questions that test a student's ability to read and use primary sources in answering historical questions in Advanced Placement classes. Students can be presented with quotes, journal entries or even photographs and are then asked to assess how they influence our interpretation of history.

Determine what the question is asking you to do. Pay close attention to the verb used in the prompt. Marcella Ruland also suggests looking for conjunctions and, or to ensure that you are answering the question completely.

Step 2 Make a list of relevant information before you read the documents. Write down everything you think is important about this time period or event. Step 3 Read the documents. Underline information that is relevant to the question. It is important to consider the point of view of the documents, including who wrote it and under what circumstances.

The context of the document is just as important as the information it contains. Step 4 Write the introductory paragraph. This paragraph should include a general introduction to the period or event, a statement of two or three key issues or aspects of the topic, and a thesis sentence.

Step 5 Write the body paragraphs. Each issue or aspect that you listed in the introductory paragraph should get its own body paragraph. Provide support explaining why each issue is important, using both the documents given and your list of relevant information.

Step 6 Write the conclusion. Restate the thesis from the introductory paragraph now that you've supported it. In some cases it's appropriate to explain how this issue is relevant today.Document Based Question 15 minute mandatory reading period 40 minutes suggested for writing You must do the following in your essay: State a relevant thesis that directly addresses ALL parts of .

Document-Based Assessment for Global History SECOND EDITION Theresa C. Noonan. Download this PowerPoint sample story writing template about Remembrance Day, Veterans Day or Armistice Day, as an example for your class. Included is a blank Remembrance Day story writing template for your students to use.

How did the s expose tensions between new and changing attitudes on the one hand and traditional values and nostalgia on the other?

A DBQ, a document based essay question, is typically two typed pages, assuming double spacing, or three handwritten pages in length. The paper itself generally contains at least six paragraphs, counting one for the introduction, one for the conclusion, and at least four paragraphs composing the .

Writing a Document Based Question (DBQ) Review the process for writing a DBQ. Pay particular attention to how to document other people's ideas.

Follow the steps below in writing the DBQ. See the do's and don'ts. Step 1 Carefully read the question. Know exactly what the question asks you to do.

writing a dbq powerpoint download